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I’m Ed Suttie, husband to Clare and Dad to Madeleine, Alex and James. I have a great job working at the sustainability leaders BRE in Watford and live in fabulous St Albans. I am a working family man who has decided to do something big. Dipping into my past when I was a glaciologist with the British Antarctic Survey I have found what that something is.

North Pole


In April 2016 I am going to trek to the North Pole from a position 2 degrees south of the geographic pole. The whole challenge covering over 200km takes around 21 days of walking and skiing on sea ice and snow tackling pressure ridges, open leads and the extreme cold. The expedition is well organised and led by a polar guide – whilst remaining highly challenging it is not high risk.

why the north pole


(i) I want to raise at least £30,000 for some brilliant charities and (ii) I’m middle aged.
I am funding the cost of the challenge entirely myself. It is through amazing companies and individuals like you that WE CAN HELP the heroes of the piece – the charities. All the money donated will go to the charities.

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