I have a great job working for the sustainability leaders for the built environment BRE in Watford and the best family a man could wish for. Secure foundations provide a good platform for the natural human occupation of wondering. Having been raised a scientist I wondered quite a bit about things. In this case I wondered about the North Pole and found Icetrek.

For me this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to reach 90°N and also to raise a substantial sum for charity. I have thought long and hard about this and have concluded that I’d like to help a few charities including Cancer Research UK, the Rennie Grove Care Hospice, Earthworks both working hard in my local community of St Albans. As a former employee of the British Antarctic Survey I’d like to also raise some funds for the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust to support the amazing work they do. This brings together my love of science and its value to society, my understanding that community is key in life and my interest in history.