Chuffed, chocolate, crisps and curry.

16 April 2016
The frozen Arctic Ocean
Elevation: 2.5m
Latitude: 89°13’32″N
Longitude: 137°22’40″E
Weather: Sunny and light snowfall
Temperature: -24°C
Distance covered today: 17.5km
Distance to North Pole: 86km
Ed is feeling: Chuffed

Chuffed as we have covered good ground today against some tricky terrain. A
large refrozen lake was very helpful as its icy flatness made for good
travel speeds. Passed some monster blocks of ice rubble including some
sculpted by nature into what look like Rodin statues. It has been an
amazingly beautiful day here, crystal sparkling surfaces of powder snow.
The pulk sled is getting a bit lighter as I eat a huge amount everyday….
Breakfast: Porridge with raisins, chocolate, butter, sugar, figs
Lunch: Noodles, cheese, salami, biscuits, chocolate
Dinner: Chicken curry, chocolate, crisps
Plus constant snacking on biscuits, dried fruit, nuts, cheese, chocolate,
Thought a lot today about all the brilliant people who sponsored, donated
to charity, supported and helped me get on the ice. Not least my wonderful
family. Thank you.

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  1. Hello Ed, We are all talking about you at Earthworks and willing you on your journey. Stay safe and enjoy every minute!