Ed2NorthPole becomes Ed@NorthPole

21 April 2016
The frozen Arctic Ocean
Elevation: 1m
Latitude: 90°00’00″N
Longitude: None at the North Pole!
Weather: Sunny and very windy (from the south)
Temperature: -29°C
Distance covered today: 13km
Distance to North Pole: 0km
Ed is feeling: Elated!

WE MADE IT! At about 1730 we arrived at 90°N the North Pole from which
every direction is south and where we could walk around the world in 10
seconds! What an utterly overwhelming feeling of joy and relief at having
reached our goal. You have to be quick though, the ice we are standing on
is drifting at around 100m an hour so we followed the Pole for a while
before camping nearby. We had chocolates and Highland Park whisky to toast
our success, this is a magical day. An utterly brilliant team to have
travelled with under the instinctive guiding of Audun, well done Men in
Thank you to all of you who have supported, donated, volunteered and
encouraged – those words said and deeds done got me to the Pole and I am
eternally grateful.

30 Responses to Ed2NorthPole becomes Ed@NorthPole

  1. Congratulations Ed@NorthPole. So glad that you made it there safely. Lottie will be really excited to see the photos tomorrow. Enjoy the moment!

  2. Heartfelt congratulations Ed, bloody good job! I have been eagerly checking for your update each morning here in NZ., Given the evidence of climate change you have witnessed, it is quite appropriate that you will be leaving the North Pole on Earth Day. Slainte, Colin.

  3. Just in case you’re still there, could you walk 10m South, 10m East and 10m North to show that the internal angles of a triangle don’t always add up to 180°?!

  4. Happy Earth Day to you all at the top of the world. Good going, to say the least. Ed, we can’t wait to see you and hear about it all. The Webbs xxxx

  5. Huge congratulations Ed, an amazing experience and achievement. Hope the journey South goes smoothly!
    Beth, Tom, James and Oliver x

  6. Massive congratulations from Earthworks! Such an achievement. You should all be very proud. We will be celebrating at lunchtime here!

  7. Many congratulations Ed! A great personal achievement and a wonderful result for the charities you are supporting. I hope you have a smile on your face for a long time to come. Big hug.

  8. Great achievement Ed! Well done! I’m very happy for you! Enjoy the white lands whilst still there and have a safe journey back home!

  9. Massive congratulations Ed and Men in Mittens team! What a mighty achievement that can surely never be surpassed. I’m thrilled and delighted for you all and of course very grateful for the fantastic fundraising for Rennie Grove Hospice Care which will support so many patients. Wishing you well for a safe journey back to your family in the UK.

  10. well done Ed! we all look forward to hearing all about it but brilliant job – well done. alita and aimee

  11. Congratulations and well done Ed. I have enjoyed your wonderful descriptions of the ice. Ann, Mark and James xx

  12. Well done Ed – a truly magnificent achievement for you and and your team – really pleased for you and the charities you have worked so hard to raise funds for – looking forward to seeing the pictures!!

  13. Sincere congratulations to you guys from the whole Wolman team! You earned it. Be safe on your trip back and – I am sure those will be some lasting memories …

  14. Well done Ed! Great, great news and never a shadow of doubt in our minds that you would walk long, and safe. Terrific to know you are home. Love to all?