Kit checked and food sorted

2 April 2016
Longyearbyen, Svalbard
Elevation: 51m
Latitude: 78°22’32″N
Longitude: 15°62’67″E
Weather: Snowing
Temperature: -4°C
Distance covered today: 0km
Distance to North Pole: 1316km
Ed is feeling: Excited

The weather is very changeable today it’s warmer and snowing quite heavily
so that mountain view from my hotel room window is now a white out. The
picture shows the clothing that’s going to keep me warm and dry, a base
layer, a fleece layer and an outer shell layer. We sorted all the food out
today, boxes of dried meals, noodles, porridge, chocolate, nuts, cheese and
butter. We each have our share to carry. The pulk sled I will be pulling is
canoe like and has been on a successful expedition from Russia to the North
Pole (good pedigree). More tomorrow….