Men in Mittens – are very, very excited!

20 April 2016
The frozen Arctic Ocean
Elevation: 1m
Latitude: 89°53’01″N
Longitude: 130°50’14″E
Weather: Cloudy and windy
Temperature: -20°C
Distance covered today: 14.8km
Distance to North Pole: 13km
Ed is feeling: Very very very excited

We are so close now I think we can see the north pole from where we have
stopped to camp. Still away to go and who knows what weather will bring
tomorrow. A tough day today as near whiteout conditions meant visibility
(contrast) was poor plus we ran into loads of long and extensive pressure
ridges. Some of them were very new as the blocks hadn’t frozen together yet
and there were pools of newly frozen sea with frost flowers growing on them
nearby. Crossed loads of cracks in the ice today which when prodded with a
ski pole revealed fresh Arctic Ocean water which I was compelled to taste
to make sure! 4km down to the Ocean bed, an incredible place. The team
spirit with Audun, James, Keith and Rob is brilliant, we may look like a
band from yesteryear reformed for a comeback album but in reality we are
Men in Mittens.
Tomorrow the Pole.

6 Responses to Men in Mittens – are very, very excited!

  1. Hi Ed,
    I can imagine what a great feeling it will be tomorrow and still I am sure I won’t share this experience with you. Have a great day and a safe trip home!

  2. Its great to read your updates and know how well you are doing. It sounds amazing up there! We are all thinking of you and willing you on. All the best Ed.

  3. Ed and team, we will be raising a glass to you all tomorrow evening. Savour the achievement. Love from all the Webbs xxxxx

  4. GF and GM getting all the updates on the edges of their seats. They send their love and congratulations xxxx