Pulk pulling

8 April 2016
Longyearbyen, Svalbard
Elevation: 51m
Latitude: 78°22’32″N
Longitude: 15°62’67″E
Weather: Mostly cloudy
Temperature: -3°C
Distance covered today: 14km
Distance to North Pole: 1316km
Ed is feeling: Weary

We covered 14km today of pulk sled pulling ski-trekking in 3 hours up
Adventdalen near Longyearbyen. This is the fastest we would ever be moving
once we are on the ice so good to know that we can do it, tired I am. Great
to be keep busy and stay fit as I have a feeling I’m not as ‘match fit’ as
I was! In other news, the Russians have spoken a lot about anticyclones and
consolidations of the sea ice pack which has prompted them to revisit
runway number 1 (or some say runway number 2). We await further details.
Thank you again for your morale boosting messages of support and donations
that are still flowing in

One Response to Pulk pulling

  1. Ed, sounds like a great pace to me, you’ll be doing that in the right direction soon. Watching and learning from Nailsworth – everything is super impressive. Except the marathon runners. They are plain mad. Love from u all, Kxxx