Ski-trek test complete

3 April 2016
Longyearbyen, Svalbard
Elevation: 51m
Latitude: 78°22’32″N
Longitude: 15°62’67″E
Weather: Snowing
Temperature: -4°C
Distance covered today: 3km
Distance to North Pole: 1316km
Ed is feeling: Pensive

I am pensive today, a lot of thinking going into organisation of the sled
contents which is easy in a warehouse but makes me think how much more
difficult it will be at -35C. A good day today as we all headed out on skis
up Adventdalen with our full pulk sled loads (+60kg) and then pitched our
tents and lit stoves etc. in a camp mock up. It is looking very likely that
we will fly north on Tuesday am for the start of an incredible journey. The
first successful test flight to Camp Barneo was today. Do you like my
mustard jacket?

2 Responses to Ski-trek test complete

  1. Hmmmm this photo looks a little post trip not pre 🙂 Sounds like it’s been great to have a chance to practice stuff. Wow Ed. Just SO cool! Just packed your coffee 🙂