Snow, falling over and team spirit – 14 April 2016 update

14 April 2016
The frozen Arctic Ocean
Elevation: 0.5m
Latitude: 88°56’34″N
Longitude: 131°36’07″E
Weather: Snowing
Temperature: -18°C
Distance covered today: 13.9km
Distance to North Pole: 119km
Ed is feeling: Cryospheric

Woke to heavy snow fall and the tent partially covered. The sun soon came
out and warmed us on our way north. Beautiful effects of the sun shine off
each falling snowflake. Tougher day today with soft snow, lots of ice
boulder strewn pressure ridges and crossing of larger cracks in the ice –
below us 5000m of the icy Arctic Ocean. Everybody fell over at some point
today including our proper explorer guide Audun (he’s just won the
Shackleton prize). Really tired at the end of the day. Grateful to the team
spirit that pulls us forward. Now enjoying a hot chocolate with extra added
chocolate. Tomorrow we will cross to within a degree of our goal the North

2 Responses to Snow, falling over and team spirit – 14 April 2016 update

  1. Hi Ed, best regards from Dresden, where sping is just introducing.
    Send you warm greetings from here. Enjoy the time in the North – you will miss every frosty arctic minute later when sitting in your overheated office. Hang in there!!! Wolfram

  2. Ed, it is thrilling to know you and your team are out there, getting it done. I’m sure you’re all digging deep. Falling over allowed!
    Willing you on, Karen and the gang xxxx