Some are going to run out of time

9 April 2016
Longyearbyen, Svalbard
Elevation: 51m
Latitude: 78°22’32″N
Longitude: 15°62’67″E
Weather: Snow showers
Temperature: -8°C
Distance covered today: 0km
Distance to North Pole: 1316km
Ed is feeling: Calm

A day of news from Barneo where a third runway site has been identified
27km away from the two abandoned runways. Work is underway on transport to
the new location with an IL-57 plane on its way “Airdrop at Barneo went
well: 17 cargo platforms were dropped. Now we don’t worry for people and
equipment. It’s -38*C at the ice camp. Trailer with tractor has covered
600km (of 2,300km). AN-74 returned back to Longyearbyen from Murmansk.”

The AN-74 is the plane that will take us north. We wish the Russians speed
and strength in their endeavours and patiently wait for more news.

Meanwhile we remain positive and keep active. Realistically we are many
days away from departure.
The Trappers Trail are back in town after their overnight as are team mates
Rob and James.

We are featured in the Svalbard Icepeople publication as the cracked runway
and its knock on effects are the main story of the week. The picture is me
attempting to put a tent up with Keith!

2 Responses to Some are going to run out of time

  1. We’re all thinking of you back here in the UK, hope things get better soon! Posting updates on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages too.

  2. Over at your UK Polar HQ we have everything crossed that you get on your way very very soon. Big love, Polar PA