Superbly Serene. And Spag Bol. Update 17 April 2016

17 April 2016
The frozen Arctic Ocean
Elevation: 1.5m
Latitude: 89°22’11″N
Longitude: 140°43’06″E
Weather: Sunny
Temperature: -24°C
Distance covered today: 16.5km
Distance to North Pole: 70km
Ed is feeling:

Just enjoyed a delicious spag bol after another day on the ice. It has been
a superbly serene day in the high Arctic with only the crunch and squeak of
the snow and ice under our skis breaking the silence. We crossed a lot of
ice boulder pressure ridges which on skis produced many comedy moments as
we slipped and slid our way through. We passed the halfway point of the
expedition which we briefly marked. Yay! The North Pole feels within reach
(we may be there on Friday). Time for another hot chocolate and then crash
to sleep….good night!