The Flag

It is incredible that I sit now on a comfy sofa having been to the North
Pole and reflect on my journey as a whole. Wow. The picture above tells a
big part of the story, the cold, the challenge and the fundraising. The
flag carried to the Pole to celebrate the achievement and many of the
businesses that donated so much to my chosen charities. As I write the
total raised is just under £46k and rising. A mindboggling sum of money
that is working hard for four brilliant charities. It doesn’t stop now
either, I have donations coming in, some talks to do and even a final
e-auction of donated items to run! You can probably guess that I’m thinking
of setting a new target…..£50k has good ring to it!

My heartfelt thanks to BRE, Atlas Translations, Arch Timber Protection,
CenturyOne Publishing, Sioo Wood, St Albans Lions Club, Northwood, Rayner
Essex LLP, Sherrards solicitors, BASF Wolman GmbH and Grown in Britain. In
addition thank you Icetrek, the Herts Advertiser and Fonteyne Signs (ace
flag). More will be said in the coming days and weeks of the other support
and donations I have received
Diverse, creative and simply uplifting.