The Frozen Arctic Ocean

15 April 2016
The frozen Arctic Ocean
Elevation: 0.5m
Latitude: 89°04’10″N
Longitude: 133°24’17″E
Weather: Sunny and fresh
Temperature: -30°C
Distance covered today: 12.9km
Distance to North Pole: 104km
Ed is feeling: Frozen

A day of achievements as we crossed the 89degN of latitude and I managed to
sheer my ski binding! One a moment worthy of a cheer the other less so.
Thanks to Keith’s ingenuity my binding was fixed. A really beautiful but
bitterly cold day passing huge ice rubble pressure ridges, tumbling blue
stones like the ruins of an ancient world. I feel completely drained at the
end of the day the cold and exertion are telling. When it’s as cold as it
is today the breaks are really very short as you start to feel cold when
you stand around. It’s also quite tricky eating cheese and chocolate at
-30C ‘snap’!

5 Responses to The Frozen Arctic Ocean

  1. Keep going Ed you are doing brilliantly! we are all proud of you.
    we are watching ‘Frozen’ in honour of you this morning love Anna, Rich, Holly & Daisy xxx

  2. I know how you feel, it rained ALL day yesterday. The drive back from Dorset was most uncomfortable. We decided against stopping at Fleet Services for a MacDonalds and soldiered on.
    Can’t wait to see your pics!

  3. Keep going Ed!! We’re counting down the kms with you and, after the fox poo, wondering what other unexpected items you might pick up…?! Sending you warming encouragement, J,A,E,A x

  4. Dear Ed, ‘achievements’, ‘ingenuity’, ‘cheer’ (and ‘chocolate’, even frozen) – all good! Keep positive. Sending all of you our very best wishes and willing you all forwards to your goal. Karen, Alan and co xxxxxxx PS For now, you are safe – Polly driving her little car around – should be OK by the time you’re home 😉