White, weight and wind. Sastrugi too.

18 April 2016
The frozen Arctic Ocean
Elevation: 1m
Latitude: 89°32’11″N
Longitude: 140°55’58″E
Weather: Sunny and breezy
Temperature: -28°C with wind chill
Distance covered today: 16.8km
Distance to North Pole: 52km
Ed is feeling: Excited

This is such an incredible place I can’t help but be excited to be here.
The vast white landscape is punctuated with blue and green sea ice rubble
drifts that look like gemstones when the sun shines on them. Drifting snow
is sculpted by the wind into beautiful peaks and sastrugi. The days are
arduous 16 odd km doesn’t sound far but there is little left in my tank at
the end of the day. The pulk sled is getting lighter as I eat my way
through the vast rations but it is still weighty and pulls me backwards
when I want to ski forwards!! We came across some other ski tracks today
which was exciting as there are only three other groups on the ice that
could have made them, Dixie’s team, Bengt’s team or Mascha’s group. The
tent is blowing about tonight in the wind, happy we pegged the guy ropes
out with our skis to stabilise our home.

One Response to White, weight and wind. Sastrugi too.

  1. Looking good wee brother!!! Jess wants you to be careful regarding snow bears – best of luck with the last stretch.
    Love from,
    James, Caroline, Harry, Stephen, Jamie, Cathy, Jess